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Anonymous asked: Nigga... Bry I already heard that story .. Tell me something I haven't heard .. You have the best stories .. I swear ...



Alright fine

this one time, I stole a burger from in N Out, you know, in N out got that good shit



me and the homies went out to eat, and I was the only nigga who didn’t bring any money and shit,  so I watching everyone else eat, and they like, you want me to get you something? im like nah im cool, im chillen, and everyone knows im hungry as fuck, I aint eat shit all day, I have pride, IM a prideful person, I don’t like people buying me stuff, I like to get shit on my own, so like I see the lady at the register who worked there like “order #9” and she said it like 10 times, so I told my homie, to unlock the car real quick, he was like why? and im like just do it for me, so he does it, and she calls order number 9 again, so I look up and made sure everyone in in n Out had food at their table, luckily they did, so I walked up there and i smiled and said “excuse me miss, did you call order #9” and she was like “yes i did, would you like ketchup with that and smiled a little” and i was like “nahhhhh im good” and licked my lips, and then I grabbed the bag and walked out the place, and then this lady started screaming ‘jamal they got your order” when i left, and I ran to the car so fucking fast


but my cousin didn’t unlock it like a dumb ass, so I sat outside the car out of breath and ate it and that was the best burger i ever eaten.

I prayed to God that night and apologized

this is amazing